Add Matings

There are four roadmaps to creating a mating.  Each way will end in the same result.  

Add Mating from Mating Tool
Add Mating From Animal Review/Search
Automatic Breeding Setup From Cage Tool
Add Mating From Cage Review/Search

1. Add Mating from Mating Tool

Go to Matings - Set Up Mating.  You will need to search for or set up a cage, and search for the Dam and Sire.

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2. Add Mating From Animal Tool

Search for the animals you wish to place in a mating, select, and click the Mating button.  the animals will be placed in the mating for you, and you will need to set up a cage or transfer animals to an existing cage (ideal for tablets).

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3.  Automatically Add Mating From Breeding Cage:  To allow mLIMS to automatically create matings directly when a breeding cage is set up, enable automatic mating records in System Settings.

To automatically set up a mating from a cage with mixed gender animals, set up a breeding cage and transfer the desired animals to the cage.  This can all be done in one step.

 A new mating with the same name as the cage will be created automatically.


4. Add Mating From Cage Review/Search (Use if Automatic breeding is NOT enabled): You can select a breeding cage already set up and create a mating.  From list of cages, select the breeding cage with males/females, then click the Mating button.  Proceed to mating Setup.  Your cages and animals are already selected, you can name the mating and save .


Select the desired breeding cage from the cage list, and click the mating button.  Your animals and cage are already selected; proceed to entering mating information.


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