Add Multiple Animals

To add multiple animals, go to Animals - Add Multiple Animals.

See Also: Auto-Incrementing animals

See Also: Add multiple animals using projects

If your system settings indicate naming animals based on the first animal ID with auto-increment, mLIMS will name your animals for you and begin with the next number available.

Fill in Main Animal Information

1. Cages

To select an existing cage, use the pulldown menu to select a cage.

To create a new cage, use the Create a New Cage Radio Button.  Enter Cage information and save. All animals will be added to the same cage.

Choose uncaged to assign cages later, or let mLIMS Automatically Create cages based on the number of animals.

2. Add Number of animals and naming information

Choose IACUC Protocol if desired, and enter the number of animals to add.  If you would like them all to begin with the same initial or initials, add them.

3. mLIMS will automatically create the animals and cages for you.



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