Add Pups

1. To add pups, enter the first desired ID for animal ID if you are not using using automatic naming in your system settings, or an initial to begin each animal name.  Enter the number of pups using the pulldown menu.  If you wish to simply create the litter record and add pups later, leave the number of pups set to 0.  You will still receive weaning and tagging reminders.

** Once you select the number of pups, mLIMS will automatically create them.  Wait for the pups list to appear.**

2. Enter information for each pup. You may copy down same information, or use the tools to create the first set as one status, and the rest as another.

If there is more than one dam in the mating, and you are not sure which dam is the actual mother, you may choose both.  Both dams will be part of the pedigree.

You can create a new cage on the fly, auto create cages, or search current cages if moving pups to different cages.

 You can update or add more pups later.

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