Auto-Incrementing Animals

Often, a lab needs to create unique animal identifications that increment by 1.  mLIMS will auto-name your animals for you based on the animal settings.

1. In System Settings - Settings - Animals use the following settings:

Under Main Information, How to name the animals, choose Same as first animal ID.

Under Animal Ientifications, set your first animal number in the prefix/Initial box.  You can use any of the choices in the dropdown menu, or name your own Animal ID by typing it in the box.  In the example below, ID is the first animal identification. This can start with 1, or if you already have imported your animals, put in your next number to start with.  mLIMS will begin naming animals starting with this number and will increment by 1 (select auto-increment).

If you leave the "initial value" box blank, mLIMS will add animals in numeric order for you, but you will be required to enter the first id number.  mLIMS will take it from there.  This works well if you want to automatically name just a group of animals.

If you want mLIMS to use unique numbers, be sure that duplicate animal names is set to no, and choose Unique Check - All Animals next to the animal ID.

 2. When you add animals, mLIMS will automatically choose the next number.  You can add individual animals or multiple animals; mLIMS will auto-increment by 1 each time.

SAVE your settings at the bottom of the page.




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