Circular Cage Racks

If your facility uses circular cage racks such as Optimice, you can easily set up your cage map to reflect a 10X10 grid with columns A-J, and positions 1-10 in each column.
Step 1:
In System Settings,  go to the Cages Tab to set up your rack and positions. Add "position"  for Row, and "Column" for column. The example below depicts a Building, Room, and Rack Number.  Rack side (4)  is not included, leave that field blank.
Step 2:
As cages are added, enter the positions. Each column is a letter, and the positions are 1-10.  The cages will appear as 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B, etc.
 Step 3: Create your map for the circular rack.  

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