Completing Matings

Below are ways to complete a mating:

Discard Breeding Cage or Cages
Set Mating Status to Complete

Method 1: Discard Cages: Select the breeding cage or cages, and discard.  If you are retiring the breeders and completing the mating at the same time, this is the most efficient method. You can retire one or more breeding cages at a time using this method.

1. Select breeding cages to retire.

2. Check the status boxes to complete the mating, sacrifice the animals, and discard the cage(s).

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Method 2 Set Mating Status: Select one or more matings and set status to completed.  This can be done individually or in bulk.  This method works best if the breeders are already sacrificed, but were retired at different times  before the mating was complete.

The example below shows a list of matings that are to be completed, but not all of the animals are sacrificed, and may be used for other matings.  

Select one or more matings to edit, then change status to completed.  This will not sacrifice the animals or discard the cages.

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