Connecting Events With Measurements

If you are recording measurements for a recurring event, the Event module will assist you in tracking your data.

Below is an example of using the Event Module to track an injection series with animal weights.

 1. Search for the animals that will be involved in the injection series.  Select the animals to add to the series, and click the Event button (The event will also appear on your calendar for easy reminders).

2. Name the event, and apply all fields.  You can add the category to the dropdown menu by typing it in.  If you choose recurring event,  a popup will appear  and you can designate the occurrence (daily, weekly, etc.).  Save your event.

3.  Go to Events - Review Events, and search for your series.  Only ACTIVE events will appear.  For easy access, Save your search as a SMART Search.

4. To update measurements for each injection, open the event on the date of injection by clicking on the event title.  

5. Click on the measurement tool.  Add the type (such as weight and grams), the date of the measurement, and the weight of each animal.  You can repeat this daily for the same event.  If you have completed the final measurement for the week for this injection, mark it as complete (this will remove the event from your calendar).

6. To review measurements for the animals over the course of the injection series, go to measurements - search measurements and search for the event name (Save the Search!)

You can view all daily measuements, or narrow down to one animal to view its weight progress over the time period.

7. To see a plot, select all and click the plot value button.



Access your injection schedule through your calendar, too.  Click on the event in yur calendar to add the measurements.

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