Create Projects

The project feature allows you to group your animals into smaller, manageable groups or subdivisions.  

You may also set up fast, convenient auto-naming for each project, as well as share animals within a certain project with other group members.

**** The Project Feature is not available in Single User accounts.****

Create Project
Enter Project Information
Set Up Record Naming
Set Cage Locations
Define Matings and Litters
Set Genes Order/Preferred Genes
Assign Users

1. Create Project: Set up your projects in the Project  - Create New Project area.  There are several tabs; be sure to review each tab and SAVE when finished.

The examples shown are based on strains (Alpha, Beta, Sigma, Omega, etc).

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 2. Enter Project Information:  In this tab, create a name for your project.  It can be based on an animal strain, a sub-colony, a group of animals for an experiment, or anything that will designate a portion of your overall into a smaller group. You may assign an owner other than yourself if desired, and also attach a protocol.  Files of any type may also be attached.

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3. Assign Automatic Record Naming (If Desired):  When working within a project, mLIMS will automatically name your animals, cages, matings, and litters for you based on the identifiers you choose.  If you plan to auto-name with projects, you should set auto-naming to manual in the system settings.  

If you do not want to automatically name your animals different for each project, and want to use your auto-naming in system settings, leave automatic animal naming ON in system settings and choose Animal ID for your naming scheme in projects.

For animal name, there are several options. If you choose Initial + Animal ID, you will need to enter the first ID number when adding animals.

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 4. Set Cage Location:  You can set up a specific location for all cages within a project if desired. when cages are set up, the cage map will auto-populate.

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5. Define Matings and Litters:  For each project, specify your standard delivery, tagging, and weaning days for breeding. mLIMS will auto-calculate dates for you based on these entries. If your lab has multiple species, such as mice and rats, the gestation times are different and can be defined here.

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6. Set Genes Order and Preferred Genes: The Genes Order tab allows you to select preferred genes for the group of animals in the project.  This will bring the preferred genes to the top of the list when editing animals.  

See Also: Preferred Genes in mLIMS

To select preferred genes, drag and drop genes from the Available Genes column on the right to the Genes to be Displayed column on the left.

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7. Assign Users:  You may assign permission to others in your group to access and update the animals within your project. Even if their user permissions do not allow them to update other people's records, Projects will allow them to update this particular group of records.

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