Enter Mating Information

Enter Information for a Standard Mating

See Also: Pairwise Mating

If you have used the automatic mating from breeding cage, you can skip this step.

1. Verify animals selected.

2. If necessary, set up a cage or choose an existing cage.


3. Your mating must have a name.  Choose standard mating for most instances.  Click here for Pairwise Matings.

4. Enter mating date (default is today, it can be changed), and mLIMS will automatically enter the plug date and the anticipated delivery date from your system settings.

5. Click email notifications and select lab members to receive reminders.  The mating and litter reminders will also appear on the calendar.

6. Add any additional information, attach files if desired, and save.

 Also See: Setting up matings using projects

Also See: Pairwise Matings

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