Lab Events can be anything that you would like to put on a lab member's calendar and/orreceive an email reminder for.  Events can be tasks assigned to specific lab members, reminders to do procedures, or anything else that should be done by a certain date.

To Create an Event, Go to Lab Events - New Event. Enter The title of the event, start date, and end date. If it is a recurring event, enter the recurring information in the pop up screen. If there are specific animals related to the event, select them.  (You can also select animals from your  list views and create an event).

Enter to whom the task is assigned, category, choose email recipients, and status.  The event will be emailed to the desired recipients and will also appear on the calendar of the assigned person.

To complete the event, click on the event on your calendar, edit, and make any notes.  Mark the status as completed.

Events can also be seen in your custom columns for easy viewing of animals related to an event.

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