FAQ - Breeding Tools

Q: When I add a litter and search for the dam and sire, they are "Not Found."  However, the animals are definitely in the database.

A: If your animal names contain special characters such as / or : they are removed from the dam/sire search to protect from database hacking.  To add a litter to a mating, go to the mating desired and add a litter from there.

Q: In the "Set up matings/breedings" task window, the parents must be chosen from pop-up windows of all available records, which can be time-consuming with hundreds or thousands of mice. Normally we already know the ear tag numbers of the breeders, so it would be simpler to have a name/ear tag search, then choose animals from the search results.

A: You can actually do a mating by searching for any parameters, including ear tags.  Simply run your search Animal = (Name) OR animal = (ear tag) (to find all of the animal).  Once you have searched them, simply select them, then click the mating button.  Refer to Step 2 on the Add Matings page.

 Q: What is the difference between setting up a breeding cage and adding a new mating cage?

A: They are essentially the same.  You can set up a breeding cage when you select animals for a mating, or you can set up a breeding cage, transfer animals to the cage, and then add the mating from the breeding cage.

Q: How do I set up default tagging and weaning times in order to receive email reminders?

A: To set up default tagging and weaning times, go to System Tools - Settings, and select the Matings Tab. Enter your tagging and weaning times and save.  

 Q: I am not receiving reminder emails for tagging and weaning.  Why?

A:  First, check your SPAM folder to see if the emails are there, and whitelist them.  Second, make sure that email notiications are set up in the mating and litter tools. Also, make sure your email address is typed correctly in the Users area.

Q: I need to keep track of the past litters from breeding cages that are inactive.  Is there a way to do this?  

A: Search Matings:  Use terms Status Is Completed.  Use the custom columns to view the Cage and Litter#

Q: I have mice in my colony that do not need genotyping yet are showing up as needing genotyping. How do I remove these animals from my "needs genotyping" tab?

A: Select the litter to update, change "Is Genotyped" to Yes or N/A.  You can also bulk update a group of litters by selecting all of the litters that you want to update, select the update button, and edit the genotyping field.  Click here for more information.

Q: I added a litter and now I have duplicate animals.  How did this happen?

A: When you add a new litter and click SAVE, and then immediately edit the litter without refreshing the page, mLIMS will think you are adding another litter.  To solve this problem, set your personal preferences to review the record after saving.

 Q: I would like to keep the same mating record, but replace animals that have been euthanized. mLIMS will not recognize the replacement animal I transferred to the cage.

A: If you are maintaining the same breeding cage and transferring animals in, mLIMS will not recognize the newly transferred animals as part of the mating. The best option is to create a new mating with the same name and cage. See: Replacing Animals in a Mating

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