FAQ: Events, Experiments, and Measurements

Q: Is it possible for me to set up a breeding, assign a lab member to physically perform that task, and then have her mark that she has done it?

A: Yes.  You can set up the mating, and then create an event for the technician to complete. The event will appear on her mLIMS calendar, as well as in her email.  She can physically complete the breeding, open  he event from her mLIMS calendar, and then mark as completed.  You can review events to see which ones have been complted and which are pending (status).

 Q: How can I do daily measurements of animals that are involved in a series (such as an injection) without having to open a new experiment every time?

A: For a series, use the Event tool rather than the experiment tool.  You will be able to set up a recurring event for the weekly injection, and measure the animals daily within the same injection period.  Click here for an example.

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