FAQ: Importing Data

Q: Can data from JCMS be imported to mLIMS?

A: Yes.  Please Contact Us for assistance with importing your data from JCMS or any other colony management program you are currently using.

 Q: My data is in Filemaker format.  How do I convert it so I can use the import tool?

A: You can export Filemaker data to text format, and then add your data to the import template. Click here for directions on converting Fiklemaker Data to text.

Q: I have been trying to import my data  to the mLIMS database but I keep getting an error message that reads "Animal name is missing."

A: A common error in importing data to mLIMS is checking the create custom field button for fields that already exist.  In this case, there is already an Animal Name Field, and a custom field called Animal Name, which causes confusion in the database.  Only check custom field when importing if the field does not exist in mLIMS.    To solve the problem, go to System Settings - Settings, then click the Animals tab. Remove the extra custom fields and save.  

Q: Is it possible to see the animal pedigrees instantly after importing data?

A: As long as you have imported the dam and sire, each in a separate column, the pedigree should be in the animal records. Open any animal record and click the pedigree tab.

Q: Will active breeding information import if I import breeding cages?

A:  You can import breeding cages, but you will need to set up the active mating. Once you have imported your cages (make sure you import as breeding cage), simply go to your cages, select the cage you want to have as an active mating (check the box next to it), then click the mating button at the top.  You can then complete the mating from there.

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