FAQ: Animal Tools

Q: When I do a search and then select animals to update in bulk, I often need to go back to the search and edit more animals.  How can I go back to the original search page without having to do the search again?

A: You can either do a Saved Search or use the Shopping Cart as a temporary placeholder.  Select all animals to add to the cart after searching.  After you complete each edit, you can click on Selecte Animals to return to your original search.

Q: Is it possible to separate DOB and age into individual columns for view and search purposes?

A: Yes.  Use your custom column settings to add the fields Age and DOB.  You can also search by these terms separately.

Q: How can I view my dead animals and sort by Date of Death?

A: Go Animals - Review animals, then search "Status is Not Alive." Use your custom columns to add DOD to your view.  Click on the DOD column header to sort.

Q: I cannot import or add genotypes to my animals, why not?

A: You must have permission to access the genes and genotypes tool from the Group Manager. 

Q: When I select Review By Strain in the Animals Menu, why are some of the strains are listed twice, or even three or four times?

A: mLIMS uses a database, which means that any extra character, capitalization, space, etc. that is slightly different will be read as a new data field.  for example, some animals may be marked as Strain Alpha 123, and some others may be marked as Alpha-123 (ususally this happens with data that is imported).  To solve the issue, select all of the animals that need to match, and bulk update them to one uniform listing.  Also, make sure your starins are added to the drop down lists so  that when new animals are added, users will be able to select the correct format from a list rather than typing.


Q:  How can my lab auto-increment animals?  We need an animal ID system in which animals have a unique animal number, that increments by 1 and once assigned to an animal it never is used again.

A: mLIMS will auto-increment animals based on your system settings.  Once you enter a starting number, mLIMS will automaticlly name your animals and increment by 1.  See this page for complete instructions.

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