FAQ: User Management

Q: Our lab manager has left the lab.  How do I change the lab manager?

A: Go to Users - Review Users, and select the user to edit You may change the name, email, and password to the new lab manager. 

Q: My email has changed.  How do I change my login to my new email address?

Go to Users - Review Users, and select the user or yourself  to edit.  You may change the email address without changing the password or name.  Log in using the new email address.

Q: How can I access two different labs of which I am a member?

A: mLIMS doesn't allow duplicate email addresses/logins on the system.  To solve the issue, use anotehr email address for the second lab (such as a gmail account).

Q: I am a member of a group, but I only see my own account and not the other group members.

A: To be added to a group, you must be added by the group manager, and not sign up for a separate account on mlims.com.  To solve the issue, the group manager should go to http://bioinforx.com/signin.  After signing in, go to Account Settings in the top right corner,  then My Lab Group Settings.  Click Add Mew Members, add the user name and email, and use the Invite Link. Click here for more details.

Q: My lab manager invited me into the group, as I signed up separately.  Now all of my data is gone!  What should I do?

A: When you are moved into another group, your data will not move with you.  Contact Us and we will quickly restore your data.

 Q: I deleted a lab member.  How do I assign the animals to another user?

A: Search for the animals that are currently assigned to the deleted member.  Select all, and update.  Change the owner to another lab member.

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