Add Single Animal

Use if you are not using Projects.

To add a single animal, go to Animals- Add new Animal.

See Also: Auto-Incrementing Animals

1. Select a cage from current cages, or set up a new cage.  You may also set up a cage later using N/A.

To select an existing cage, use the pulldown menu to locate your cage.

To set up a new cage, choose the Set Up a new Cage Radio Button.  The cage setup will appear.  fill in information and save.



2. Fill in Animal Information

 Fields with a * are required.  Be sure to save your information.  If you have automatic naming selected in your system settings, your animal name and animal ID will be pre-filled.You may attach any files.  Click here for more information on attaching files and photos.

3. After saving your animal, you may review it.  Note that there are several tabs that show cage history, pedigree, audit trails, parents, and cage.  Click on any tab to review.

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