mLIMS Complete

mLIMS Complete Combines  mLIMS Enterprise,  mLIMS Facility, and mLIMS for Researchers under one umbrella.  It is tiered as follows:

1. mLIMS Enterprise allows an administrator full control of setting up the Animal Facility, Research Labs, and Users.  Begin setting up the institution at this level by adding the facilty, labs, and users.

2. mLIMS Facility is designed for facility and veterinary staff to add and manage animals and cages, manage protocols, assign animals to labs, manage breeding or allow labs to manage breeding,  maintain medical records and task requests, manage animal samples, create billing accounts for researhcers, and maintain animal and age counts for protocol reporting.  Add animals and cages at this level and assign to research labs.

3. mLIMS For Researchers is designed for research labs.  Researchers will only "see" the animals assgned to them by the facility. mLIMS for Researchers is connected to mLIMS Facility, and all activity in each lab is also recorded in the overall Facility.  Researchers may add more animals through breeding or ordering, which will be added to the facility animal count.  As animal records are updated in the labs, they are also updated in the facility.  


When mLIMS Complete is implemented, the research labs will contain additional modules not used in the stand-alone version.

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