Add Users to Group

To add additional users to the group, log in to your mLIMS account and select Users from the left hand menu.

1. Select Users - Add User.  Enter user information and save.  The new user will receive an email with a verification link to join the group. 

On the second tab, Add user permissions and save (if you don't add permissions here, you can add or update them later).


2. Edit Users:  Select Users - Review Users- Select User to Edit-Update

You can change the name and/or email of any user (for example, a lab member leaves and you wish to reassign the data to a new person).  The new email address is the new login for that account!

You may also delete users from the list.  We recommend re-naming users and assigning new passwords for easy transition to new lab members.

If a lab member signs up seprately on, you will need to invite them to your group.  Do not use this tool if data has been added to the separate account.  Contact us for assistance!

 Users with separate accounts

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