mLIMS Layout Settings

Each user in the group may choose their own preferences for general viewing and left menu options.

To change your personal layout, go to System Settings - Personal Preferences. These settings are personal, and will not change the settings of others in the group.

Main Information
Set Preset Searches
Litter Tool Preference

1. The main Information tab allows you to choose your start page, how to open new pages, and what to do after creating new records. It is recommended to open new pages in a new tab AND review records after creating them.

You may also select a default project, which will show automatically when you log in.

Finally, you may turn on your email notifications here.

See Also:  Working in Projects

See Also:  Email Notifications


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2. The Left Side Menu Tab allows you to add "review by" options to your left side menu. Any dropdown menu in mLIMS can be "reviewed by, including any dropdown lists added as custom fields.

Any dropdown menus selected from above will appear in your left side menu.

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3. The Litter Tab allows you to choose which fields you would prefer to see when adding litters.  This allows you to minimize the number of fields in view when adding pups.

See AlsoAdding Pups

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