Add and Edit Genes and Genotypes

1. To create Genes and Genotypes, go to Genes and Genotypes - Add Gene/Genotypes.

2. To add a new gene and genotype, enter the Gene in the Gene box, and the possible genotypes on separate lines in the genotype box.  You may use symbols or letters.

3. Use a ? for unknown genotypes;  this allows you to assign animals to a gene while waiting for genotype results.

4. You may enter any notes or url for reference.


Note:  If you use the animal import tool, mLIMS will automatically add your genotypes to the system.

4. To Edit Genotypes, Go to Genes/Genotypes - Review Genes/Genotypes.

5. Select the Gene to Edit,  and click Update.

6. Enter changes to gene names and genotypes, or add more genotypes and save.  You may also remove genotypes, but you may not remove a genotype that is in use.  Any changes made will apply to all animals (ie: if you change the gene name, all animals with that gene name will be assigned the new gene name).

6. Preferred Genes may be entered in the project feature.  Preferred genes allow you to list the genes for that group first for easier animal editing.

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