Shopping Carts

  Video Tip!

A unique feature in mLIMS is the Shopping Cart.  In any given database view, you will see a yellow star that allows you to Add to Selection.  You can add any data within the category you are working in (such as Animals), and data can be continually added, edited,  or removed, just like an online Shopping Cart.  This feature is avaialble in all categories of mLIMS (Animals, Cages, Matings, Litters, etc).

Example: Animal Shopping Cart

You can add an animal, or a group of selected animals to your cart, and then search for more and add them to the cart. You can reveiw the selected animals, and update, transfer, breed, or any other action available.  This is ideal for more complicated searches, in which you may be searching for different criteria, but need to work on all of the animals with this widely different criteria.  You can do several searches and continue to add to the cart.

To add to your cart, select the records to add and click on Add to Selection.You will see a Selected field in the left menu. In the example below, there are already 4 animals in the cart, and 2 more will be added.

Click on Selected Animals to view your cart.  From here, you can edit, sacrifice, breed, and more.

To remove records from your cart, select the items to remove and click Remove From Selection.  The shopping Cart will also empty when you log off.

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