Pairwise Matings

In a pairwise mating, a male mouse is mated with different females at different times.   The example below shows a pairwise mating in which two different female mice are mated with the same male mouse, but are mated separately rather than all in the same cage.

1. Select animals (one male and two females are chosen), and begin the mating tool.

2. Make sure all of your animals are selected.  You do not need to set up a cage here, one of the cages will be used as the main breeding cage (the male cage is chosen in this example).

Select pairwise mating, and select which cage to use as the main breeding cage.

3. Continue setting up the rest of the mating as usual, beginning with mating name.

4. When your mating is saved, there will be two (or more) matings set up with the same name.




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