Printing Cage Cards

Because printers vary, you will need to set up your printer to print a single or multiple 3X5 card or label from mLIMS.

You will need:  3X5 cards or Avery Label 5450

Step 1: in mLIMS System Settings, choose 3X5 cage card, save settings.

Step 2: in mLIMS, select the cages you would like to print cards for, and clikc the Cage Card button.

Step 3: Verify your cage cards.  They will look  similar to this:

Step 4: Go to Print, or Print Preview in your browser.

A. Go to preferences for your printer.  The layout of the preferences will vary by printer, but all are similar to the example below.

B. Change orientation to Landsacpe.

C. Change your paper size to 3X5card.  If not available, create a custom size.

D.  You may use the auto paper feed by placing your 3x5 labels or cards directly in the drawer and resizing the edges, or you may use the manual feed and resize it. You should now be readyto print. See the photos below for examples of resizing paper trays.




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