Projects - Add Multiple Animals

To add multiple animals to a project,  either toggle to the project desired first, or go directly to Animals - Add Multiple Animals.  If you select your project first, the project name will already be completed for you.

1. If you want mLIMS to generate animal names, make sure your project is set up to name animals automatically.

2. When you add an animal using projects, the project name must be included.  mLIMS will name the next animals for you automatically. 

3. You can choose from active cages, or set up a new cage.  The active cages dropdown will only display cages in the current project.  You may also add them uncaged and set up new cages for them later.

4. If you choose to set up a new cage, mLIMS will automatically name it for you.  Your preset cage map locations will appear, add the column and row.  the protocol will also add automatically according to your Project Protocol

* if you select a cage or set up a new cage, all of the animals added will be assigned to that cage.**

5. To add multiple animals (over your cage capacity) using projects, select automatically create multiple cages based on your cage capacity.  mLIMS will automatically name the animals and cages.  You can also enter a starting Animal ID number, and mLIMS will create the rest automatically.

6. Click to review animals.  Note the cages and animals created automatically.  


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