Review and Update Individual Animal

Review Animal Record: Open any animal to review by clicking on the animal number in the review or search animals list.  

You will see several tabs. Each tab will provide comprehensive information about the animal. The tabs will increase as more data is associated with the animal.  You can also use the tools at the top to edit the animal or add to an event, experiment, or measurement.  Below are some examples of the available tabs.

1. Summary

2. Photos: If you have uploaded photos or images with your animal, a photo gallery tab will    be available.

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3. Animals From Same Litter: Review and Edit animals from same litter (siblings).  From this tab, you may select one or more animals and update or bulk update, sacrifice, add to an experiment, and more.

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4. Pedigree: The pedigree/family tree will grow over time as more offspring are born.

See AlsoAnimal Pedigree and History

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