Saved Searches

mLIMS allows you to save any search in any area that contains a search function.  Saved Searches are user specific, and are available in Cages, Animals, Measurements, Events, Experiments, Matings, Projects, Genes and Genotypes, and IACUC Protocols.

The example below will apply to any Search area in mLIMS.

Example: Save a Cage Search

Step 1. Go to Cages - Search Cages and enter your search terms, then click Search. 

Step 2: Click the Saved Search icon.

Step 3: Name your search and save.

Step 4: Your Saved Searches will appear in your left menu AND in the top toolbar. Refresh page to view.

Step 5: To Delete this Saved Search, go to Cages - Search Cages.  Click directly on Saved Search.

Step 6: From the Find Saved Search menu, use the dropdown arrow to select the search to delete.


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