Update Breeding Information in a Project

By default, mLIMS will automatically update an animals's project information based on its cage. If you forget to assign a mating or litter to a project, you can now update this information later.

 1. To update a mating, litter, or pups to a project, select the cage or cages you would like to update the information for, and click "Change project."  In the example below, a breeding cage is chosen in which the pair has had pups. The mating and corresponding litters will all be moved to the Versa project.

2. After Change Project is selected, you will see the update records screen.  Select Advanced Options.

3. Select the corresponding matings and pups to add to the project.  Be sure to select the project you are moving them to, and save.

4. Your matings and litters are now visible under the project.

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