Using Top Buttons in Data View

mLIMS menus interconnect with each other in every data/list view.  Actions such as matings, litters, experiments, cage cards, and events can be completed by listing a data result and then selecting an action.  This is useful when using a tablet, when the magnifying glass search function is not optimal.  It also makes the overall workflow easier and seamless.

Example 1: Create mating from list of animals

Decide search terms for selecting matings (by strain, by project, etc). The search below shows all live animals in Alpha Strain whose purpose = breeding.

Select male and female(s) from the list to breed, and click the mating button.  You will be directed to Add Matings with the animals already placed into the mating.

Example 2: Add litter using list of matings

Sometimes it is difficult to sort though a long list of matings to add a litter when using the Add Litter tool.  To simplify the search, use the list of matings to add a litter.

Search for the matings you are looking for (by strain, date, etc).

Select the mating to add a litter to, and then select Litter.  You will be directed to the Add Litter tool with the mating already chosen for you.

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